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Privat piano lessons - real or virtual online

Teaching ever since

In addition to my artistic work and my own music making, I have devoted myself to piano teaching since the age of 18, a part of my everyday life ever since.

Without wanting to brag about it - I already had my diploma as a teacher from the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts when I was 20, even before I started my artistic degree in Salzburg.

Early teaching was an advantage for several reasons:

I not only managed to fund most of my further studies myself, but also automatically acquired an enormous amount of musical knowledge through teaching. Many things that are instinctive to someone who is musical, without having to think much about them, must be consciously analyzed, thought through and clearly explained to pass them on to someone else.

Despite the great amount of time it takes, I am very happy still with this everyday routine, because all the knowledge that I have gained from teaching helps my own artistic practice. There is a strong symbiosis between my students and myself as a teacher. I would never want to be without this human exchange with my students, whose progress is very important to me.

I have particular respect for older people who (sometimes even without any prior knowledge) decide to learn to play the piano. I can proudly say that I have taught over 100 students in my life so far, some of whom have stayed with me for over a decade.

The be-all and end-all, ...

... both in learning to play the piano and in teaching are ... PATIENCE and PASSION. Those of my students who know me well understand my dedication to both. If I manage to awaken and maintain enthusiasm and perseverance in them, there is nothing standing in the way of learning to play the piano. The other exciting challenge for me as an educator is to empathize with each individual student in order to recognize each individual's strengths and weaknesses and to help develop them for the better. In many cases, educators unfortunately forget that every person is different and has different requirements.

I offer ...

... professional piano lessons for beginners, advanced and returners of all ages. Having fun and enjoying music is our top priority. Together, we gradually develop skills in playing and musical knowledge using beautiful piano works in both classic and modern styles.


In addition, being a trained singer, I give singing lessons, which I also enjoy greatly. This is a wonderful balance for me again and again, because singing differs in its approach and technique fundamentally from playing the piano, but at the same time also complements it.


I prefer to teach at home - in the "real" world - in my little studio, both on an electric piano and on my Steinway grand.

At the time of the Covid 19 krisis ...

... however, there was also a need for me to give virtual piano lessons via internet platforms such as Skype, Zoom or similar. To my own surprise, like that of my students, the lessons worked amazingly well this way. That is why I would like to offer this option in the future, especially for those who live further away from my home and therefore cannot come to my studio in Salzburg.

Approximately once or twice a year, ...

... in Salzburg I organize a concert evening on a small scale, during which my pupils can show off what they have learned and their favorite pieces (if they like) and also practise appearing in front of an audience consisting largely of colleagues. In these modern times, those who cannot participate in person for reasons of distance should be able to perform a virtual interlude on the screen for the audience at the event.

Lesson of 50 minutes: 40 £

For more information, please contact me using one of the options below.

I would be happy if I could make you or your child curious, and I would warmly welcome you to my studio or virtually for a trial lesson.

Professional virtual piano lessons | on the internet Skype Zoom or WhatsApp | piano teacher Mag. art. Damir L. Sertić PhD in Salzburg | for beginners or advanced learners of all ages | using beautiful piano works. Lesson 50 minutes for 35 €, 30 £, 40 $

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