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Performances on Mozart's Instruments 

Mozarts instruments fortepiano | Damir L. Sertić / Damn Ear | Salzburg Mozart Piano Clavichord

I am often commissioned by the Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg for very special events: 

authentic performances on historical instruments in Mozart's Birthhouse or his Residence.

I then have the honour to be one of the few to play on the fortepiano owned by the Hagenauer family, in whose house Mozart's family were tenants when he was born, and on Mozart's own fortepiano in the Residence where he grew up - both instruments were built by Anton Walter in Vienna 1780. 

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I also perform on Mozart's own clavichord from Vienna, on which, according to his wife Constanze, he composed much towards the end of his life, for instance 'The Magic Flute'. 

I fell totally in love with this instrument, so I'm planing to compose a peace for it soon. 

The instruments are tuned and maintained regularly. The more you experience their fantastic sound and particular character, the more you realize how little interpretations on modern pianos connect with the music practice of Mozart's time.

Mozarts Clavichord. The composer bought
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