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Stronger Forces

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Stronger Forces  | Damir / Damn Ear | Composer Songwriter | Salzburg | Pianist Singer

Statement to the music video „Stronger Forces“


Some people have asked me how I arrived at the idea for this single and the accompanying video „Stronger Forces“.
In all it took a year and a half. I have to confess that the Idea for the video occurred to me first when I almost cut my hair in 2010 because it was driving me crazy.

I thought at that time, after 7 years with long hair, that it was such a pity I had never taken any good photos featuring it. So I wanted to make a provocative presentation of a haircut. Few secconds later I was sure it had to be a music video, and the hair had to become shorter and shorter, changing the styles as it was cut. A while later I was sure that I could not finish with a good hairstyle but it would have to go over from one extreme to another: the bald head. After that, it was obvious that the movie had to be speeded up to make all this happen in the time taken by one song. My body and mouth movements had to be synchronized with the music. Does anyone know how I solved this problem? 

But what song could fit this theme? That was the biggest question!

„I change for you....“? No!! How cheesy and boring! - There are thousand of songs like that!

Then, once I was in Munich on the metro and was wondering about electricity and power, and the words „stronger powers or forces“ came into my mind. We are always surrounded by them, wherever we look. All these forces affect our lives to the highest degree and make life worth living, even when we are not aware of many of these forces and are not able to explain them to ourselves. I wanted to concentrate in my song only on good and positive forces - forces we can and should trust in. In the news and meda one is exposed to more than enough negative energy anyway.

So everything came together well:

The stronger forces are in the video, for example the hands that change me. Change is also a higher power, just as time is which is played with in this video. The white background is not only functional to show the hair better, but stands for the purity, the divine, which I will be taken towards more and more until the end, then merging into it. My message is here: trust in that, from which all of us have come, and of which each of us are already part, and in which we will be ultimately reunited! With a smile on my face I give myself up to this higher power which unifies of all of us. The embrace of the white background stands for love, friendship, self acceptance, freedom and harmony. The bald head fits well also, because the loss of the hair can stand for purification. This is not necessarily aout being „the victim“ which sounds a little too strictly catholic. That is why I would like to keep this term at a distance. But there was a victim. Just for the sake of art. And it was not the cutting of the hair itself. It was the fact that I had to keep my long hair until the realisation of this video.

I've put over Facebook a small team in Reykjavik together, with which I could realize this vision in my Iceland vacation in October 2011.  It was a mad experience and a wonderful time. Big thanks to the team.


Music video version with lyrics

When your moves and your body are out of control –

You feel them


When the electricity in the air makes you magnetic –

You feel them


Oh when another persons tears are running down your face –

You feel them


Stronger forces surround us, stronger forces surround us

Let them influence, let them influence

Get addicted to them, Let's get addicted to them ...



When you are in unison with nature and yourself –

you feel them


When something special happens and you have a premonition – You can feel them


Oh when peace and love inspire you everything is possible –

You feel them



Stronger forces surround us, stronger forces surround us

Let them influence, let them influence

Get addicted to them, Let's get addicted to them ...

 Lyrics - Damir / Damn Ear

Photographed by Lárus Sigurdarson, Artwork by Hallmar Freyr Þorvaldsson


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