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Six Piano Variations on Björk's "Overture"

Variation II
Variation III
Variation IV
Variation V
Variation VI
Theme "Overture" & Variation I

It was maybe fate that it took this long to get everything complete, but I'm happy to let you know that my Piano Variations on Björk's "Overture" are available for download. The music is of course dedicated to Björk - so it was ideal and a nice coincidence, that I got the chance to release the music to celebrate her 50th birthday. 

After a lot of hurdles I can now conclude a long period of patient waiting. I'm also very happy with the recording. The final mastering now gives the listener (a kind of a new) special sound experience. It feels like your ears are positioned right over the piano strings, so you have the sensation of being part of the sound. Especially with headphones!

Six Variations on Björks Overture | Damir L. Sertić / Damn Ear

Many thanks to my friend Daniel Stenway for the opportunity to record the work on his Steinway Grand D in 2011. Thanks also to my best friend John Lotherington for always motivating and supporting me during these last years in terms of sorting out rights issues. Thanks to Michele Gaggia for the great second mastering of the recording. Thanks to Björk, Derek Birkett and Kobalt Music for permission!

To support the music there are for now three interesting videos. Every variation has it's own movie-variation where listeners, and especially musicians are able to follow the music in a visual way as well. 

Please see this as a preview because the rest of the variations movies are in progress and will be even more interesting, using fire and cartoon-techniques.

I'm very motivated to finish them as soon as possible even though I have a lot of work as well with my dissertation at the moment. When all movies are finished, they will be united all together to the new remastered music.

I took the following pictures from the landscape, which also inspired me, in April 2011 on a beach near Reykjavik in Iceland.

Pieces mélancoliques
Mélancolie No. 2 - Diss-Cons
Mélancolie No. 3 - Pour Arsène
Mélancolie No. 4 - Étude


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