Variation III
Variation IV
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Variation V

To support the music there are for now three interesting videos. Every variation has it's own movie-variation where listeners, and especially musicians are able to follow the music in a visual way as well. 

Please see this as a preview because the rest of the variations movies are in progress and will be even more interesting, using fire and cartoon-techniques.

I'm very motivated to finish them as soon as possible even though I have a lot of work as well with my dissertation at the moment. When all movies are finished, they will be united all together to the new remastered music.

This background photo was taken by me on the beach next to Reykjavik, Iceland in Okt. 2011. 

Variation VI
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Six Piano Variations on Björk's "Overture"

Theme "Overture" +  Variation I
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Variation II


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